Tiny Town Times Issue 1, Again (Summer 2017)



Tiny Town Times Issue 1, Again (Summer 2017)

20 pages, closed dimensions 8.5×11″, risograph-printed with six-color silkscreen centerfold. This issue features Katy Davidson & Greg Campanile, Abe Gil of Treasure Mammal, Yerrie Choo, Bailey B., Matthew Wood, Christina Antipa, and more.

The Tiny Town Times is a quarterly publication offering fiction, poetry, opinion, comics, illustrations, artist features, science and nature writing, and all else that is awesome from creatives in Tucson and beyond. Originally a one-page newsletter featuring musings, drawings, and show listings, the TTT is back in longer form offering a unique take on our region.

The TTT is entirely handmade in Tucson at Tanline Printing and each copy offers an original piece of artwork you can pull out and hang on your wall. We highlight not only the makers, but the process itself, through interviews with artists and an emphasis on printing techniques and the fun work of making a publication by hand: ink, paper, folding. We’re proud to be one of Tucson’s small publishers.

Please be in contact at tinytowntucson@gmail.com if you’re interested in contributing to future issues. We welcome contributions of all sorts.